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Medication Administration Protection System 

Revolutionizing Medication Error Prevention and Management

An electronic health record (EHR)-embedded clinical surveillance tool that detects various categories of medication errors



Our Advantages


  • Real-Time Alerting

    Utilize all requisite and newly available patient-specific data to update alerts in a timely manner


  • Custom Rules Generation

    Allow for customizable rule builds based on institutional needs, preferences, and goals


  • API-Driven Interoperability

    Utilize API calls for enhanced accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data assets, without the need for middleware


  • Seamless Alert Delivery

    Improve efficiency and allow for interventions while avoiding workflow disruptions


  • Leveraging Machine Learning

    Allow for improved recognition of diagnoses and drug-condition interactions


  • HIPAA Ready 

    Integrate HIPAA-approved technologies to ensure data security and privacy

About Our Company

Salus’ software MAPS (Medication Administration Protection System) is an EHR-embedded tool that focuses on patient safety.

With our advanced technology, we provide a comprehensive solution that aims to detect potential problems before they translate into errors. 

MAPS is designed to assist healthcare professionals in identifying and preventing medication errors. By leveraging data from the EHR, we offer real-time alert generation, thereby enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions and deliver personalized care. The sophistication of MAPS logic is continuously reinforced by incorporating user feedback and branching algorithms to improve accuracy and performance. 


At Salus, we are committed to enhancing patient safety and driving positive healthcare outcomes through innovative solutions.

Our Team

Designed and Developed by Clinicians, for Clinicians 


Dr. Luma Succar

Salus Co-Founder

Critical Care Pharmacy Specialist

Brian pic

Dr. Brian Parrish

Salus Co-Founder

Cardiology Pharmacotherapist

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Summit Venture Studio Licenses Medication Administration Protection System to Enhance Medication Safety

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